Public Resources

In an effort to provide support for the parents and community of Breckenridge, this page provides a variety of information relevant to students and technology. Here you can find resources to support those who are seeking to find a balance between keeping up and staying ahead in our constantly changing digital world.

Parent Technology Resources A listing of information and resources focused on digital citizenship.

Breckenridge Middle School Information Information and resources focused on the 7th and 8th grades targeting the implementation of PBL (project-based learning) in these grades. This informational site provides articles, reports, and other educational materials to help parents and community members understand the need for modernizing the middle school experience.

Breckenridge Pride Breckenridge Pride was the name of the district's grant application for the $10M Super Schools grant from XQAmerica. The application for this grant was very extensive and purposefully lead this district in a discussion about rethinking and redesigning our high school. This website details every step of the grant application and provides all of the resources that were relevant to our discussions. Although we were not awarded the grant, it did lead us to create a vision of what education should look like in Breckenridge in the 21st century and beyond. It also resulted in the implementation of Studio 5 and has continued to serve as a roadmap in our continuing strides to change/improve education for all Breckenridge students.