Reimbursable Meals

To assure that students, parents and staff are informed of the Offer versus Serve provision and that it is implemented correctly.

A. It is the responsibility of the building principal, teachers, office staff and food service staff to assure that students are encouraged to make healthy food choices and that established procedures are followed.
B. Breckenridge Public Schools extends Offer versus Serve to all grade levels. Students may decline 2 of the required 5 menu items.
C. The building Principal and Food Service Supervisor assure that annual training about Offer versus Serve is provided to students, parents and staff.
D. The Food Service Supervisor is responsible for assuring that responsible staff is trained to identify reimbursable meals and the appropriate action to take if a student does not select a reimbursable meal.

A. The kitchen staff is responsible for writing the menu on the menu board each day.
B. The food service staff/teachers/assistant encourages students to make healthy food choices and to select at least 3 of the 5 reimbursable items.
C. The cafeteria lunch line monitor identifies the student, determines if the student has selected a reimbursable meal and verifies the student's PIN.
D. If the student has not selected a reimbursable meal, the cafeteria lunch line monitor asks the student to return to the serving line and select additional food items.
E. If the student refuses to select a reimbursable meal, he/she is charged ala carte prices for the food items and this meal is not claimed for reimbursement